Day 13 - Wellness Wednesday


Happy Wellness Wednesday!! Day 13 of 28 to bliss. This picture has inspired me to head to my favorite Asian market and find all of the tropical goodies I can find today!
Winter can be so hard on your body and your mind. The lack of sunshine, the inability to put your feet on the ground definitely affects your emotional well-being. One of the largest parts that contribute to the winter blues is not eating enough fresh, live foods.

 Cooked foods once heated above 108° lose the majority of their digestive enzymes and about 70% of the nutrition. Thus becoming sad nutrient less dead food.  Consistent consumption of cooked foods, the increase of processed sugars, coffee etc.  is the large reason we are left feeling sad and sluggish. 

Do yourself a favor today and dish yourself up a giant bowl of high vibrational raw fruit goodness. You’re tummy and cells will thank you!😋