Throwout Thursday! Day 14 of 28 Days to Bliss! Clean your mind of Clutter!


Throw out Thursday!!! They number 14 of #28daystobliss!! It also happens to be Loveday so today Choose to throw out insecurity and self-doubt and De-clutter the mind today!!!

Practice operating and living from a place of love for yourself and all beings! Clutter in your mind is just as heavy if not heavier than clutter in your home!. When you are able to declutter your mind and come from a place of clarity; you will find it easy to declutter your home! You will know what brings you joy and find it easy to let go of excess. This is something I work on every day! its a constant work in progress.

Practice daily mantras.

I choose a calm and peaceful mind.

I am surrounded by people and things that bring me joy.

I am free from excess and clutter. I keep my peac.

Sidenote I threw out a ton of stuff today! I conquered three drawers… The dreaded three junk drawers.😬 now junk free!!!

Happy decluttering! Namaste!