Day 16- Surrender Saturday!! Surrender to the ideology of being stuck...


Surrender Saturday!!! Day #16 of #28daystobliss!!!

For those of you that know me well; I am in my element and filled with exuberant joy when I am in a slower paced tropical climate, near the water and fruit trees….I feel at home. I feel inspired, awake, clear minded, peaceful, blissful…I see the vastness the powerful mother earth has to provide. I feel deeply connected to her, supported by her, I feel integrated with her beauty and strength.

For those of you that don’t know me as well; I am a mother of 4. I was married young and learned a ton from my mistakes but I made 2 beautiful children with my ex-husband. This is really the soul reason I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If it weren’t for them I would be galavanting somewhere around the globe. However, I WOULD NOT change it for a second. My children have molded me into this loving, responsible, deeply passionate woman that I am today. Not a day goes by I don’t look at my children and smile. They bring me so much joy. I firmly believe they came to teach me and keep my feet on the ground in this very state for a reason…. Until they are 18; I am rooted here in Minneapolis. Which brings me to todays Surrender Saturday. I surrender to my own belief system of being stuck.

Today I surrender to the feeling of being ‘stuck’. Stuck in a climate I don’t resonate with, stuck working day and night, feeling like I’m stuck in the period of time where I’m awaiting my true dreams. ...What’s stuck is my belief about my life. I believe that I belong by the sea, leading a retreat and healing center where I grow my own fruits trees and help people heal through herbs, plant medicine and emotional healing. This is my dream and WILL be my future. But just because I’m not there yes doesn’t mean I’m stuck. It means i’m building community, I’m transforming my life and others, I’m creating the groundwork for success, learning lessons of love and surrender... i’m preparing for my bliss!! I’m not actually stuck. The only thing stuck is my mind believing that until I achieve that, I am not fulfilling my purpose. My purpose is right here, right now. I choose to live AWAKE and break my own patterns and belief systems.

I’m free and fluid as a bird in the sky, my life is beautiful and flowing like the wind against the water. My opportunities are endless and open. I am open to my present and beautifully fluid life!