Tidy Tuesday - Day 19

Hey moms, let’s face it. If you have a perfect home; you must have super powers and I want them.  As a busy mom of 4, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and healer; I can barely find time to take a bubble bath let alone keep everything perfect!  It often times feels just impossible to keep up with the house. Especially baby Mila’s room. How can something so tiny have so much stuff!?? 

Throughout our desire to tidy her room up and stay on top of the constant ever changing clothes that no longer fit… It feels like things have just gotten messier.  It may seem easier to let things go for a day or a week or so but once it piles up the task seems too overwhelming to conquer.

My words of advice. First, make sure that everything does have a home or a place that it belongs.  Second; each day set a timer for five minutes and diligently organize for just five simple minutes in one room. This will keep the clutter from building and overwhelming your physical space and brain space! 

Also, give yourself a break. You’re doing a great job. We really can’t do all of the things...