Day 2 - Surrender Saturday

Dear self-doubt. I don’t Have time for you anymore! Bye!! Surrender Saturday is Day 2 of 28 days to bliss. 
Get rid of something that doesn’t serve you, that prohibits you from standing strong in your essence and being your most powerful self.

Today I get rid of Self Doubt and I embrace the FACT that


To surrender literally means to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand.

Today is the day to yeild or let go of what have been possessing you! You are not this body, you are not this thinking mind, you are infinite and limitless! Remember not all of the belief systems we carry are just ours. We aren’t just these shitty insecure and harsh humans. We are a byproduct of our cellular makeup.

Yes we all have a STORY, but our story isn’t just written by us and our experiences in THIS lifetime. Our story, belief system, and cellular makeup is derived from our ancestors and their experiences/belief systems. Your SELF thinks what your CELLS think. It is a symbiotic relationship. If you are embarking upon this journey of self love, change, curiosity and readiness to evolve and change; you are changing!

Give yourself permission to let go. Give yourself permission to heal. Give yourself permission to love. Simply because you are worthy! Break the chain to heal the lineage before you, yourself and the future consciousness to come!