Throwout Thursday!! Day 21 of 28 Days to Bliss!


Happy throw out Thursday!!! I have about six boxes Chuck full of clothing that are going to local homeless shelters😊. 

When you are ready to De-clutter and throw some things out; there are a couple things to keep in mind.

One: Only throw out was is damages or unusable. Always donate when you can! If you are donating; make sure the items are usable. Clean, washed and functional.

Two: Great places to donate are the Salvation Army and the Good Will. If you have the time and the patience; you could call your local homeless shelters and see if they can use clothing!! This can be such a blessing to many families in need. Other good places to donate clothing is a local church or check with the public schools in your area!

Happy de-cluttering and I hope it feels so good to gift all your excess stuff!