Surrender Saturday - Day 23 of 28 days to Bliss

Today I surrender to giving an F about what people think about me!!

This is something I’ve struggled with for many years in the past. Along the way of developing and growing into a woman that is strong in her essence; I realized the first thing that had to go was giving a shit about others opinions.

My favorite saying is; ‘Other people's opinion of me is none of my business!’

This is still a work in progress for me. Every day. Today I practice this even more as I am participating in the Minneapolis-St. Paul magazine fit festival. I am a regenerative detox specialist, a deep regenerative healer. My knowledge and skill set are extensive but against the grain… I’m against mainstream beliefs about protein, macro nutrients, taking pharmaceuticals or pills to solve everything… I’m about doing really hard work and getting the body to heal.

A lot of times people don’t want to hear my approach and I’m afraid of what people think about me…. I decided a long time ago that that shit would not serve me. I set my mantra to be “I only want to work with people that want to work with me”

In the health industry there’s a lot of pressure to conform to the masses… to get more followers, to somehow play a medium roll so you’re not the one that is so far out there… But that’s not who I am. it’s not the truth. I am kind of extreme. I am out there. I am a crazy powerhouse of a woman that believes with every bone in my body we all deserve limitless love and vitality. I know how to heal the body, I know how the body can regenerate, I have the knowledge and it would be a disservice to myself and to all of the lovely humans that decide to work with me if I kept that knowledge to myself just because I was afraid of what people think about me or my approach.

So today I set my intention that I attract the people that are ready to be open to true healing, I will remain strong in my essence. Fully unapologetic for my hippie, goofy, stiletto wearing, fruit and sun loving self and not give an F about what others think about me! Because God knows, I don’t have time for that shit!