Tidy Tuesday!! Day 26 of 28days to Bliss!!

My main living space. Light, clean and simple. 


 I love keeping this room really simple and very clean. It’s my favorite place to meditate, take a nap with the bright sun coming through the windows or to journal/ be creative .  I noticed I focus the best in this room because it is so simple. There’s no clutter, nothing to clean up, put away, not too much to look at. It’s just very simple and quiet. I find this to be very helpful for my mind.

If you are struggling with meditation make sure you have a place that feels really simple and clean! 

  I hope you enjoy tidying up! This is the last official tidy Tuesday on the calendar, however I highly encourage you to keep this momentum going and continue to organize small spaces at a time until your home is just the way you like it.  You will find more joy, less stress and an overall sense of ease when your space is organized.  

It is been so fun to guide you all this month, I look forward to the rest of this week and continuing on with these traditions!