Throw out Guilt... Bye!!!

From the mud blooms a beautiful lotus flower....

 I chose to no  longer carry guilt for my past mistakes, after practicing acts of self-love, for anything and everything I choose to guilt myself for; and for absolutely no good reason.  It’s time to let that shit go! Byeee guilt!!  I don’t have time for you anymore. 


Today is day 28 of 28 days to Bliss!! As I was preparing what to write I found myself Criticizing myself. Saying oh I should’ve done this, I could’ve done more of this, I wish I had more time to do this… And I realized that this throw out Thursday, the only thing I need to throw out is GUILT!!!!

Guilt is toxic to your body and did you also know it affects your kidney health?  Yes our physical emotions, Do effect our physical well-being.

i’ve noticed a lot throughout the years that  I carry excess and irrational guilt. I feel guilty for going to a yoga class and leaving my baby, I feel guilty for pampering myself, I feel guilty for signing up for a workshop to better myself, I feel guilty for the mistakes I’ve made in the past....And I realize that this guilt goes deep. It’s beyond just my own perception. I believe it stems from an ancestral and cellular belief of unworthiness which has turned into a deep-rooted feeling of guilt.  I notice similar patterns in close relatives.

So today I choose to actively focus on freeing myself from guilt. So that I might free the women that came before me, that for some reason carry this belief that they are not worthy, that they have the need to feel guilty for mistakes, or treating themselves, for learning and having experiences maybe not as they desired.

After all, a lotus flower grows out of the mud… Whatever mud we have been through, may it turn us into a beautiful  flower. And for that I cannot and will not carry guilt anymore.