Day 6- Wellness Wednesday!


Did you know that fruits have the highest vibration of any food on the planet!?? Fruit is not only our primal food but it is also the number one and most preferred form of fuel for our cells! All 100 trillion of your cells use carbon (a.k.a. sugar from a single monosaccharide like fructose) for energy !! Fruit is also the only food on the planet that does not require any insulin from the pancreas for digestion. It is the easiest to digest, has the highest vibration and is packed with nutrients and antioxidants! Next time you need a pick me up, grab a piece of fruit or whip up a fruit smoothie!!

Happy Wellness Wednesday! Today I am having a delightful celery juice while in the sauna and then a smoothie! Cheers to fruits, berries and melons!!