Time To Declutter!! Throwout Thursday is an extension of Tidy Tuesday. You can make things tidy by throwing them into cabinets, baskets closets etc but are those items bringing you joy?? Are they being used?? Being a hoarder is a real thing, and on many different levels.

Here are three signs you might be a hoarder:

1. You’re afraid of throwing away something that you might need in the future.

2. You hate waste.

3. You have sentimental attachments to lots of stuff.

I get it, these are all good reasons. However, with this logic, you will easily become one of those people you see on TV with Papers from 1985 stacked to the ceilings and like random boxes filled with gadgets and 7 birds flying around without cages.. Not to mention, how can items shoved in random closets and under beds even be used??

Today, take on the task of going through one space. Pull everything out of a cupboard and see if each item is useable. Whatever is not useable, or able to gift…recycle when you can and throw out the rest. I know waste feels terrible but when the time comes; sometimes you need to suck it up and chuck it out! All this excess space will clear your mind and home!

A huge thing I have learned over the years is NOT to buy cheap things. I am all about being frugal and practical but if you buy cheap things you use on a daily basis; they will break or get thrown to the back of a cabinet. Soon you will have 20 different cheap plate sets you found at the good will instead of one beautiful matching set that brings you joy. You get my drift? Save up for the nice stuff. Overall you will spend less money and leave less of a carbon footprint on the earth.

Trust me; I am no master and I too have these struggles. I am on this journey with you!!

Happy Decluttering!