Day 15 - Fresh Friday Recipe Cauliflower Rice Aloo Gobi


Cauliflower Rice Aloo Gobi

5 cups frozen cauliflower rice

2 cups frozen peas

1/2 onion chopped

4 garlic cloves

4 tbsp ginger chopped

1 can of coconut milk

4 tbsp indian curry powder

1 tsp himalayan salt

Pan fry onions, garlic and ginger until slightly brown; then add frozen cauliflower and peas. Stir until thawed; then add coconut milk and spices. Cook on low for a few minutes and then serve.

Day 10 - Silent Sunday


Today is silent Sunday. I love this photo and today I said in silence remembering this moment. How often are we really just quiet with our children, with ourselves? How often are we the observer instead of the controller? How often do we allow ourselves to just get quiet and absorb everything around us. The beauty of your children, the beauty of yourself, the beauty of the quiet, the beauty of the earth beneath your feet, the beautiful sunset, the vastness of the water… The indefiniteness and the impermanence of it all…I encourage you today to just get quiet.

Have a blissful and quiet Sunday!

Day 2 - Surrender Saturday

Dear self-doubt. I don’t Have time for you anymore! Bye!! Surrender Saturday is Day 2 of 28 days to bliss. 
Get rid of something that doesn’t serve you, that prohibits you from standing strong in your essence and being your most powerful self.

Today I get rid of Self Doubt and I embrace the FACT that


To surrender literally means to yield to the power, control, or possession of another upon compulsion or demand.

Today is the day to yeild or let go of what have been possessing you! You are not this body, you are not this thinking mind, you are infinite and limitless! Remember not all of the belief systems we carry are just ours. We aren’t just these shitty insecure and harsh humans. We are a byproduct of our cellular makeup.

Yes we all have a STORY, but our story isn’t just written by us and our experiences in THIS lifetime. Our story, belief system, and cellular makeup is derived from our ancestors and their experiences/belief systems. Your SELF thinks what your CELLS think. It is a symbiotic relationship. If you are embarking upon this journey of self love, change, curiosity and readiness to evolve and change; you are changing!

Give yourself permission to let go. Give yourself permission to heal. Give yourself permission to love. Simply because you are worthy! Break the chain to heal the lineage before you, yourself and the future consciousness to come!


28 days to bliss guide

28 days to bliss Is a completely FREE and FUN program to help you become a more blissful you!!

So often we set intentions and resolutions but we don’t contain the tools we need to achieve them. This 28 day fun program is designed to help you gain new skills in meditation, positive mind state, mantras, connecting the mind with the body, organization, yoga, recipes and more!

Mantra Mondays-every Monday I will send out a positive mantra that you can say out loud or in your mind during your morning meditation or just throughout the day.

Tidy Tuesdays- take a minimum of five minutes to tidy one small space in your home whether it’s one single drawer or a box of stuff you wanted to go through for a long time or a big project if you’d like! Just pick one thing and get it tidy!

Wellness Wednesdays- spend a minimum of 10 minutes doing something good for yourself, whether it’s a foot soak, a hot bath, massage, yoga class or anything that involves bringing wellness to your mind and body.

Throw out Thursdays- throw out a minimum of one item that does not bring you joy. I encourage everyone to do three items but the minimum requirement is one! Donate or gift your items!

Fun and fresh Fridays -spend a minimum of 5 minutes doing something fun, for example maybe that’s just cart wheels in your kitchen or a little dance party or handstands or going out with a friend, just have fun! The fresh part of Fridays will come from me. I will be providing a fresh new plant-based high vibrational recipe along with a short video on how to make the recipe!

Surrender Saturday - Surrender to one thing that no longer serves you. One thing you’re ready to let go of. Write it down and physically throw it away, Burn it or get rid of it fully from your mind your body. Give your body permission to surrender to let go of that thing, item, thought pattern, belief etc.

Silent Sundays -spend a minimum of five minutes in complete and total silence, in a room without televisions electronics your cell phone just complete stillness and silence. I highly recommend doing 20 or 30 minutes of silence but give yourself at least five if you don’t have the time!

At the end of this 28 day program I will provide everyone with a survey. Each person that completes the survey will receive my free radiant you detox guide that is filled with recipes, meditation info, detoxification and how to live a more balanced and happy life. ($50 value)

There will be 2 grand prize winners! Winner will receive one free at 90 minute service of their choice. ArVigo Maya abdominal therapy, Swedish massage, Reiki energy, or full health intake consultation. ($250 value)

Runner up prize:
One free 60 minute service of choice ($100 value)

How do I win?
Follow me on Instagram @wisewellnesshealth. Each day post a picture or a few sentences about what you’ve done that day, for example take a picture of a drawer or area you tidied up on tidy Tuesday, post it to Instagram and Facebook if you have both. Whoever completes a post every day will be entered in the drawing. There will be two winners!

All participants please fill out your email below!

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Cheers to a more blissful you!! Can’t wait to see you all Feb 1st!

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