Sunday Service
11:00 AM11:00

Sunday Service

  • 4700 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55419 United States (map)
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Sunday Service

Yoga - Sauna - Sunshine - Juice

Come get your breath on and your sweat on!!

Wise wellness is pairing up with Sauna times to bring you healthy habits to your Sunday fun day.

We will begin with yoga and meditation outside. Followed by wood fired coal burning steam sauna all wrapped up with ion mineral water, fresh juice and super foods. (bring $5 if you want a full super food post sauna shake).

Some fun facts about sauna and soul breathing:

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body Rid waist? The skin is known as the third kidney! Sauna’s are incredibly healing for the lymphatic system. We will chat about regenerative health as we sauna together !!

Fun fact; 70% of toxic waste is emitted through breath and the rest through skin, feces, and sweat! This is going to be a magical day to detox and cleanse your body and soul!

Please bring wear a swimsuit under yoga clothing, dry cloths to change into, towel, yoga mat and a bottle of water.

Sunday: 11am-1pm.

Cost $30 or $105 for a four pack of classes.

Purchase tickets here.

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28 Days to Bliss
12:00 AM00:00

28 Days to Bliss

28 days to bliss Is a completely FREE and FUN program to help you become a more blissful you!!

So often we set intentions and resolutions but we don’t contain the tools we need to achieve them. This 28 day fun program is designed to help you gain new skills in meditation, positive mind state, mantras, connecting the mind with the body, organization, yoga, recipes and more!

Mantra Mondays-every Monday I will send out a positive mantra that you can say out loud or in your mind during your morning meditation or just throughout the day.

Tidy Tuesdays- take a minimum of five minutes to tidy one small space in your home whether it’s one single drawer or a box of stuff you wanted to go through for a long time or a big project if you’d like! Just pick one thing and get it tidy!

Wellness Wednesdays- spend a minimum of 10 minutes doing something good for yourself, whether it’s a foot soak, a hot bath, massage, yoga class or anything that involves bringing wellness to your mind and body.

Throw out Thursdays- throw out a minimum of one item that does not bring you joy. I encourage everyone to do three items but the minimum requirement is one! Donate or gift your items!

Fun and fresh Fridays -spend a minimum of 5 minutes doing something fun, for example maybe that’s just cart wheels in your kitchen or a little dance party or handstands or going out with a friend, just have fun! The fresh part of Fridays will come from me. I will be providing a fresh new plant-based high vibrational recipe along with a short video on how to make the recipe!

Surrender Saturday - Surrender to one thing that no longer serves you. One thing you’re ready to let go of. Write it down and physically throw it away, Burn it or get rid of it fully from your mind your body. Give your body permission to surrender to let go of that thing, item, thought pattern, belief etc.

Silent Sundays -spend a minimum of five minutes in complete and total silence, in a room without televisions electronics your cell phone just complete stillness and silence. I highly recommend doing 20 or 30 minutes of silence but give yourself at least five if you don’t have the time!

At the end of this 28 day program I will provide everyone with a survey. Each person that completes the survey will receive my free radiant you detox guide that is filled with recipes, meditation info, detoxification and how to live a more balanced and happy life. ($50 value)

The winner will receive one free at 90 minute service of their choice. ArVigo Maya abdominal therapy, Swedish massage, Reiki energy, or full health intake consultation. ($200 value)

Runner up prize:
One free 60 minute service of choice

How do I win?
Follow me on Instagram @wisewellnesshealth. Each day post a picture or a few sentences about what you’ve done that day, for example take a picture of a drawer or area you tidied up on tidy Tuesday, post it to Instagram and Facebook if you have both. Whoever completes a post every day will be entered in the drawing. There will be two winners!

How do I sign up?
Just click going to this event and send me your email!

My email is

Cheers to a more blissful you!! Can’t wait to see you all Feb 1st!

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Vibrate Higher! Yoga, Sound healing, Breath. A Mini day retreat
11:00 AM11:00

Vibrate Higher! Yoga, Sound healing, Breath. A Mini day retreat

This event is being brought to you to help support baby Mila's entry into this world and cover the unexpected medical we encountered on this powerful journey. 

I am happy beyond overjoyed to have this opportunity to share my knowledge and gifts to the public to help everyone become their most vibrant self! You will be immersed in high vibes, meditation, yoga, chakra tuning, Breathwork, crystal sound bowl healing, nutrition, live foods and radiant beings!

Myself, Justyn O'neill and Lindsey Ronning will be guiding you through a meditation and chakra tuning vinyasa flow. The class willl end with crystal healing singing bowl sound therapy. You will be guided out of the class around 12:30 when we will take a short fresh fruit and plant based snack as we discuss the vibration in food.

Post discussion we will head into a guided 1 hour Soul Breathing and Theta Healing meditation allowing you to release old stagnant energy, emotion and limiting beliefs allowing you to unlock/ open your highest energetic vibration. This will leave you feeling refreshed, motivated, relaxed, and excited about life. This shift in frequency will immediately begin to attract abundance and high vibration to you!

Come join us for this mini day retreat at the stunning and bright A-mil artist lofts in St. Anthony Main. We will be located in the large performance hall. All proceeds are going to cover teachers, vendors and Mila's unexpected medical bills. Though the process of not knowing if Mila was going to live, my nervous system took a huge hit and I was forced to take a break from teaching and working. This event will help us recover and also share the beautiful gifts we have been able to receive along our journey. 

Normal cost for this event would be $90. This is a DONATION based class offering :) If you cannot attend this event but would like to donate, the lovely Jennifer Daniels has set up a GO Fund me here:
The full story is explained on this page and on my you tube as well. Wise Wellness is my you tube channel.

Suggested donation : $50

Donate/Purchase Tickets
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Yoga Retreat in Mexico
to Feb 27

Yoga Retreat in Mexico


This is at the brand new Grand at Moon Palace Cancun resort.  It's exclusive to members.

$2,117 per person for double occupancy.

$1,728 for triple occupancy.

*Double occupancy rooms will be filed first. If you desire a triple or quadruple room please contact me for details

-8 days

- All inclusive


- Unlimited


- Unlimited

-15 restaurants 2 Free tours Manicure, pedicure and 25 min massage

-Yoga daily.

-Meditation daily

-Hands on adjustments

-Free transportation to sister Palace Resorts      (food and drink included)

-Trip to Isla Mujeres -Additional free spa service of choice (massage, facial,nail etc)

-up to 4 excursions of choice! 1500 resort credits with each room to use as you choose! Who can attend: Anyone! Bring your hunny or friend, mother, brother, whoever! If your guest does not care to attend the yoga they don't have to! Just enjoy an awesome Vacation in paradise! *Note: All classes are optional. This is your vacation. Make it your own! Tons to do, massive and stunning resort. We will have the option to eat and hang together or just do your own thing! Message me for further details. Hope to see you there! Namaste!!

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Transformation 2018 - mind-shifting meditation, wellness, nutrition
11:00 AM11:00

Transformation 2018 - mind-shifting meditation, wellness, nutrition

  • Wise Wellness/Jai Healing Collective (map)
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What to expect
*Learn about shifting your vibration through food, thought and behavior.
*Learn skills to create new neural pathways and form new beliefs systems on a cellular level.
*Breath class to release old stagnant emotions/energy from your body. Release trauma from cellular memory.
*Manifest healing in your body.
*Learn sub-consciousness mind shifting techniques along with muscle testing.
*High vibe plant based lunch
*Oodles of education and life changing information.
*Raise your vibration instantly!

1st timers attend full class 11am-4pm.
Those who have attended previous event arrive at 1:15pm for registration and breath session at 1:30pm.

Transform 2018 Workshop - Super Amazing Subconscious mind shifting workshop. 11-4 with Nutrition, Mediation, Nutrients to uplift you on a cellular level. Led by Carrie Drinkwine, yoga teacher, coach, nutritionist, healer, Earth Goddess, Author. Seriously. Change starts now. With you. Energetically, subconsciously, Nutritionally. 

Expect movement, yoga, deep meaningful mind shifting mediation, discussion on vibration, how to raise your vibration instantly, sub-conscious mind shifting, theta-healing meditation and plant food medicine

Are you tired of making New Year’s resolutions and not keeping them? Repeating old behaviors? Find yourself feeling stagnant or stuck in your life or job?

Discover your vibrational frequency and how to increase it.
Release old stored emotion and raise the consciousness of your cells through breath work. 
Begin to implement a new Belief system on a cellular level.
Learn the tools to shift the sub-conscious mind, create new neural pathways and thought patterns to change old beliefs/behaviors. 
Lift your physical and emotional vibration through thought and food. Begin to attract the vibration you want in your life Increase energy, awareness and conscious thought.
Transform old though patterns into new positive beliefs about yourself. Begin to manifest the new you. Learn to drop in to your body, drop into ‘presence’ and really listen to what the body is saying versus the mind. 
Understand vibrations of food and how they affect your body.
Learn Your personal Human Design-live your highest life!

****Cost is only $59 but if you buy your ticket before January 21 type in Promo Code EARLYBIRD for an exclusive $9 off. Making your ticket a sweet $50 investment to yourself. A fresh organic vegan lunch will be provided:)

Here is your ticket link:

Hope to see you all January 28th! There is no better time than now
Peace, Love and fruit !

vibrate higher white.jpg
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Free yoga by St. Anthony Falls followed by Lunch and Learn
11:00 AM11:00

Free yoga by St. Anthony Falls followed by Lunch and Learn

FREE YOGA BY ST ANTHONY FALLS EVERY SUNDAY AT 11am Led by Koreen Valdovinos & Carrie Drinkwine. Off the cobble stone Main st Acrros from Vics and Tuggs. ...surrounded by river and Minneapolis, glory and sun! 

All levels welcome. This Sunday we are hosting lunch and a special workshop! 

All you need is a a mat and a water bottle! If you don't have a mat, grab a towel and let's get our bliss on as we move and stretch under the sun with a wonderful view of the city and Mississippi.

This Sunday is special as we have Lunch and Learn on Sept 17. After an invigorating and revitalizing outdoor yoga class, come join us for a roof top lunch and learn nutrition workshop on Sunday, August 20th. We will start with a powerful prana flow, learning to incorporate powerful energy and breath together to revitalize your body as you move through an asana sequence of breath to movement flow. Following our flow we will get into powerful high vibrational foods and eat yummy plant based recipes. Lunch provided!

(Yoga is free, but to cover the cost of lunch and nutritionist costs, please follow ticket link in invite to register for the nutrition lunch and workshop.)

If you are tired of carrying around extra weight, feeling blue, anxious, suffer from inflammation, headaches dizziness, autoimmune disorders, really anything, you should attend this workshop! This workshop is led by Carrie Lynn Drinkwine. Credentials B.S. In nutrition science, masters in holistic health, certified regenerative detox specialist and clinical iridologist, graduated from the international school of regenerative detoxification and continuing on for a PhD a naturopathy. We will talk about why every yo-yo fad diet has never worked for you, how the body really truly works, understanding your lymphatic/immune system, what are your power organs and what foods power your body up. Come get connected, this is information that would normally cost you $225 through a consult to receive. The goal is to spread this knowledge and allow people to access their inner potential and power, leave feeling revitalized educated and limitless . High vibrational foods = a more Radiant you!! Price : $20 follow link (yoga is free...this is for lunch)

We all will meet on the grass at 11am in Water Power Park. Entrance is just across the street from Vic's and Tuggs. Walk along the river path at the marketed Water Power Park entrance, that takes you to the center of the island. Where we will be enjoying the sun, yoga and stretching.

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FREE YOGA In The Park !!
9:30 AM09:30

FREE YOGA In The Park !!

Free Yoga class at Pearl Park! This class is designed to create more community and overall physical and mental well being. Class is led by certified instructor Carrie Drinkwine; owner at Wise Wellness! Format is all levels vinyasa flow. Modifications for beginners will be cued as well as advanced postures for seasoned yogis. This class is free and donations are welcome/ encouraged if you are able to give:)

This class will be held every Sunday at 9:30 am.

Please RSVP on meet up or on Facebook so I know how many to expect! Cancellations will be only for bad weather and will be posted on Meetup and on my Facebook page Wise wellness.

Hope to see you there! Namaste!

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11:00 AM11:00


Register now by clicking: HERE

Modern Goddesses- By way of movement, yoga, sacred ritual, journaling and intuition exercises - we come home, to the sacred divine in each of us.
 Let yourself be guided as you return to your highest divine self.
A day tuning into your self healing using high vibe foods, yoga postures and movement, relationship yoga and moving up though the Chakras... from the ground, to the crown of intuition.

Limited space get your spot now click:  here

$70 For a day with high vibe nutrition$65 for early bird special (all of June)

By way of fire ritual and burning the stories that no longer serve us.

By way of 'High Vibe Nutrition' (of living plants and fruits still alive with the power of the sun), fresh juice and a raw vegan breaking of the day fast we allow the purity of our best selves through.

By being open and guided by some wonderful yoga teachers and nutritionists, musicians, and spiritual guides, we will move our souls towards self and remember the divine in us that we may have forgotten.

Alita Watson
Carrie Drinkwine
Marigold of Music
Veronica Walters
Koreen Valdovinos

Music By Vision 3, Marigold, Yarrow, & Truley
(Live Pahoa street music marinated with latinfusion beats. Pahoa, Hawai'i meets San Juan, Puerto Rico, via NE Minneapolis!
Vision 3 will be LIVE with Special Guests Yarrow on African Djembe drum & Marigold on xylophone.)

Feeling disconnected with your purpose, people or sense of missing something? You are not alone! In our modern day of speed, productivity and screen time, we seek real connection to heal and grow in an organic way, to realign with our divine feminine selves. This powerfully healing retreat will serve you through a variety of workshops designed to clear, empower, and support all in a full day!

Bring a Notebook to journal. Prepare for a day juice fast where we we will break our fast in the end at 5pm with high vibe foods provided sacred ceremony. We suggest that you do a 24 hr or less fast, depending on your experience. If you do not think you can handle 11- 5pm with no food (or longer if you started fasting the night before, which we recommend IF you are experienced with juice fasting) bring some treats. Please try to make them fruits like apples grapes and other fruit. )
- Dark Tribal Dance Yoga: Grounding, healing and intense practice.
- Cleansing & Courage Fire meditation: Releasing old thought patterns, fears and beliefs.
- Women's Intuition: Tap into our natural ability and learn how to strengthen your intuition.
- Relational Yoga - Relate with your sisters in a yogic and playful workshop
- Sisterhood Circle: Ancient practice of coming together in feminine empowerment.
- Crystal Flow Yoga: Uplifting, rejuvenating and gentle practice.
- Journaling: Therapeutic, insightful and encouraging practice of discovery.
- Creating Sacred Rituals: Learn benefits and how to use in your daily life.
- Delicious gluten-free, dairy-free vegetarian fast break
- Kombucha and High Vibration Juices, sample micro-brewed & learn benefits.
- Live musical performances with Marigold and World Drummers
and More!

$70.00 for a full day of workshops yoga, and high-vibe nutirion and juices
$65 Early-bird special (Price valid for all of June)

More Yoga Class and Workshop Info:
Our day starts and ends with long flows. These yoga classes are exclusively taught by the teachers who developed them! Awaken your divine feminine self with this carefully designed retreat to bring your though your low chakras with tribal beat and yoga postures & movements infused with tribal dance,
through he belly by way of detoxifying with live raw juices and high vibe foods,
Through the heart by relational yoga,
Up to the higher chakras by way of goddess mantras, music, intuition tuning and Crystals.

Let us guide you on your journey back to your divine self.

Dark Tribal Yoga with live drums & music, lead by Koreen Valdovinos, Yoga teacher, Body Worker, Dancer, Sensual Shaman:

Dive into the cave of our emotions to bring to light through grief, empathy and forgiveness with music ranging from heavy metal to experimental, this intense practice is a full sensory experience. Emerging from the cave of self with awareness and truth.
Including Cleansing & Courage Fire Meditation:
Igniting the flame of your souls desire through this meditation by releasing old thought patterns, fears or beliefs. From the ashes of cleansing, courage is found and the embers of this strength is fanned with healing words of gratitude. Goddess mantras.

Nutrition Workshop with Carrie Drinkwine, healer, nutritionist, educator and yoga instructor. Carrie is a certified nutritionist with a BS in Nutrition Science, certified clinical iridologist, and regenerative detox specialist, certified in NRT (nutritional response testing). The body is a natural self-healer if you let it! In this workshop Carrie will educate on the lymphatic system and understanding the cause of all human dis-ease. She specializes in digestive health and auto immune dysfunction, helping regenerate cells in cancer cases through a wide variety of nutrition/herbal approaches. Carrie will break down what is happening physically as we spend the day detoxing on high vibe foods and inspire you to continue your healing journey through nutrition.

Relational Yoga with Alita Watson:
Intuitive translator, trained in 'Circling,' (reflective listening), conflict resolution and NVC, (non-violent communication), Alita will guide us and teach you how to be present and have more connection in ALL of your relationships. It will allow you to STOP believing everything you think, and start relating to the world in a different way. Circling and relational yoga is a powerful tool when it comes to personal growth and development, as we escape the 'monkey mind' and become present in our relationships and self.

Crystal Yoga Flow with Veronica Walters, Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Intuitive: (With Music & Chakra tuning thru sound w/ Marigold )
From the cave of the beginning of the retreat we have grounded, cleansed and nurtured to raise vitality and now ending with a focus on clarity for intention with the use of our own personal crystal . Will learn how crystal healing works and benefits of using in yoga practice. Uplifting music to support the flowing gentle yoga practice and end in a blissful savasana.


Bring your own yoga mat, mediation cushion (or towel/folded blanket/ small pillow), and water bottle.

Raw vegan food/ juice provided. If you are not an experienced day faster and know that 6 + hours without food will not suit you, please bring healthy snacks for our breaks. Juices will be provided to sustain you until be break our juice fast at 5pm.

* Please remember this event is at the Pillsbury A-Mill Artist Lofts - in the beautiful St Anthony Main Neighborhood off the river.
+ Enter thru the front doors off of main street.
+Look for the Special event signs by the doors. Event Registration desk will be closest to those front doors.

:::::::::::::A-Mill Artist Lofts::::::::
315 SE MAIN ST. Minneapolis 55414

Street parking all around the building. Also a great option to park in the pay lot: off of university and SE 3rd Ave OR St. Anthony Falls Ramp:
212 2nd Avenue



$70 registration

$65 only if you buy in June.

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FREE YOGA In The Park !!
9:30 AM09:30

FREE YOGA In The Park !!

Free Yoga class at Pearl Park! This class is designed to create more community and overall physical and mental well being. Class is led by certified instructor Carrie Drinkwine; owner at Wise Wellness! Format is all levels vinyasa flow. Modifications for beginners will be cued as well as advanced postures for seasoned yogis. This class is free and donations are welcome/ encouraged if you are able to give:)

This class will be held every Sunday at 9:30 am except for Sunday July 2.

Please RSVP on meet up or on Facebook so I know how many to expect! Cancellations will be only for bad weather and will be posted on Meetup and on my Facebook page Wise wellness.

Hope to see you there! Namaste!

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Yoga & Nutrition retreat, Bocas Del Torro Panama
to May 7

Yoga & Nutrition retreat, Bocas Del Torro Panama

Come enjoy an exotic and invigorating yoga & nutrition retreat at the Palmar Tent Lodge in Bocas Del Torro Panama! You will unplug surrounded by the lush jungle and ocean breeze.  Daily yoga, meditation, fresh local produce meals, nutrition workshops, massage and reiki will leave you feeling revitalized, powerful and vibrant!

Palmar Tent Lodge is an eco༶friendly, off the grid, luxury camping lodge located on Red Frog Beach, Isla Bastimentos in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Our goal is to offer our guests a unique experience to exist in harmony with the incredible natural environment on our island. Palmar is a place where you can really experience the natural side of Bocas as you spend your days practicing yoga and lounging on beautiful Red Frog Beach and your nights falling asleep to the peaceful sounds of the jungle and the rhythm of breaking waves. The area surrounding the lodge has plentiful wildlife (monkeys, sloths, red frogs, caimans & more) and we are located directly on one of Bocas’ most incredible beaches. We offer private safari style tents as well as larger dorm style tents. The lodge is solar powered and rainwater fed so we place a large emphasis on conservation of resources. Overall the vibe is very laid back and the lodge is a great place to relax and unwind.  Check out the Palmar website for photos and info!

Prices based on Single Occupancy/Double Occupancy

Private Safari Tent for 1-2 people:

1 person=  $1,100 1100/5 = $220 per day per student 

2 people =  $900900/5 = $180 per day per student

 Private Safari Tent Two Double Beds

1 person   = $1200  1200/5= $240 per day

2 people  = $950/5= $190 per day

3 people= $900/5 =$180per day

4 people  = $900/5=$180 per day

Pina Island Cabin Two Queen Beds (1 person/2) $195/$145

1 person = $1,275/$255 per day

2 people = $1,025/ $205per day

3 people   = $975/ $195 per day

4 people$135 x5  = $975 $195


Jungalow King Jungalow  One King Bed, One Bunk Bed (2/4) $225/$175

1 King   $225 x5 = $1,425

2 people $175 x5  = $1,175

3 people $175 x5  = $1,175

4 people $160 x5 = $1,100


Private Safari Tents come furnished with platform beds including comfortable mattresses, linens, towels, mosquito nets, a large lockable trunk, a fan and a lamp as well as a private patio and bucket shower area complete with a pitcher and basin. We have Private Tent options with one, two, or three beds.

The dormitory is a cabin with 8 single beds (4 bunkbeds) and comes furnished with comfortable mattresses with linens, a large locker for each bed, lights and a ceiling fan. The dormitories also feature a hand painted floor.

We have one dorm tent with 8 single beds (four bunkbeds).


Bathrooms and Showers

There are four bathrooms in total with normal, flushing toilets. There are 2 community showers that use rain water. The water is pumped into an elevated 5 gallon container and then use on and off pulleys to control the water flow through the large rain shower head. It's fun!  There are 2 other community showers that we recently renovated that use the same rain water however you press a button and the water comes out!  It doesn’t take as much work!


The main meeting area at Palmar is the beachfront Lodge which features a full bar and reception area, a coffee and tea station, a book exchange and plenty of board games, tables and chairs for dining, comfortable sofa seating, and a large deck looking out to the sea. All the furniture in the lodge is custom made by local artisans using local materials. Adjacent to the lodge is the restaurant kitchen. Just down the front steps you will find a fire pit, hammocks, outdoor tables and seating as well as beach chairs and umbrellas.

Yoga Pavilion ༶ Our Shala

Practice in a serene open༶air studio nestled in the jungle, just steps from the beach with a stunning view of the sea. The 24’x24’ open air Yoga Pavilion can fit up to 20 students.


All of your meals for the retreat will be included with your package. We will offer a range of vegetarian meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All food is sourced from local villages and farms when possible. Water and fresh juices with meals will be included, but alcoholic beverages and sodas will be kept on a separate tab that you can settle at the end of your stay. There are two restaurants within walking distance of our resort if you would like a change of pace at any point throughout your stay here.


We do offer internet at the lodge in the main restaurant area, it is also accessible just down the beach.  We find that people are better able to connect with each other and with nature when they aren’t connected to the outside world at all times!


In addition to all of the yoga you will be doing, Palmar Tent Lodge is a great home base to explore the beautiful nature found in the Bocas del Toro archipelago. It is common to see a variety of wildlife on the premises and nearby including sloths, capuchin monkeys, the famous red frogs and dolphins. If you are lucky you may even get to see some of the critters that are rare to spot including sea turtles, anteaters or armadillos. There are hiking trails that lead to pristine nearby beaches where you can snorkel and explore. Other popular activities include the Bastimentos Sky zip line canopy tour, trips to the Bastimentos Bat Caves, snorkel tours to the Zapatilla Islands, surfing and surf lessons, SCUBA dive trips, slack lines, kayaking and paddle boarding. As part of your retreat we will be leading you on a Castaway day that includes a beach hike, snorkeling, and a walk back through the jungle. The kayaks, paddle board, surfboards, and slack lines will be available for your use during your stay. There will be plenty of ways to customize your trip to what you or your friends might want to do. There may even be some surprises along the way!

in more detail…


Our staff will be happy to set up personalized tours of the area with the best guides in Bocas. Here is a list of some of the adventures we can arrange:

Hiking ༶ We will be happy to recommend trails for all skill levels. Popular trips include hiking to Polo Beach, hiking to Wizard Beach, hiking to Bastimentos Town and some delicious stops along the way.  Complimentary guided tour!

Zip Line Canopy Tour ༶ Just minutes from Palmar, the Bastimentos Sky Canopy Tour is a must༶do for all adventure seekers! This amazing tour features 7 zip lines and a tree top ropes challenge course. $55 (still waiting to hear back from Red Frog Villas about discount)

Chocolate Farm Tour and Nature Hike ༶ Hike through a local permaculture farm, learn about the chocolate making process, and sample the delicious products while enjoying beautiful views of the rainforest.

Up in the Hill ༶$20 ༶ 10 minute boat ride ($5) or hour and half hike 

Zapatilla Island and Snorkeling Tour ༶ $35 ༶ Visit Dolphin Bay,

Coral Key, and the unspoiled Zapatilla Islands which are part ofthe Bastimentos National Marine Park. Snorkeling, beach combing and jungle walks are all available. 

Fishing Tour ༶ Enjoy a half or full day fishing trip to some of thebest spots in Bocas del Toro with a local guide. Deep sea private charters also available.

Local ༶ $40/45 half day

Deep Sea ༶ $500 half day

Dive Trips or Certification ༶ If diving is your passion let us make arrangements to take you on a reef dive to remember. All gear is included. Trips leave from Bocas Town or Bastimentos. 

$80 for two tanks

$300 certification over 3 days 

Cave Tour ༶ Take a boat through the mangroves to arrive at a hidden natural opening. Walk and swim your way through a pristine cave, with an option to jump from a waterfall into a pool at the end. $35 for 5 hours

Flying Pirates ATV Tour ༶ See Isla Colon on your own 4 wheels. Explore a vast area of beaches, monkey trails, caves, lagoons, streams, and even beach bars. Half and full day rentals available.

You can bring your yoga mats and do yoga at Bluff Beach before lunch! $100 for half day (two people suggested to ride one bike so $50 per person)

Surfing ༶ Red Frog Beach can be an ideal beach for beginning surfers for much of the year. More experienced surfers can hike to Wizard Beach or Long Beach if you want to trek by foot or we can call you a water taxi to shuttle you to any of the amazing surf breaks that Bocas has to offer! Make sure to rent a board in Bocas or Bastimentos town. Limited quantities are available at the restaurant nearby.  Phil is a wonderful instructor $35 for an hour session!

Snorkeling ༶ Our staff knows a number of secret snorkeling spots within walking distance of Palmar. Masks and snorkels are available complimentary. 



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to Mar 14

Yoga Retreat In Mexico!


Dates: March 7 - March 14, 2017

Location:  Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort Cancun Mexico click on Moon Palace Golf and Spa to see pics of the Resort!

Cost:  $1,775 per person for double occupancy.  $1,500 for triple occupancy.  

Double occupancy rooms will be filled first. If you desire a triple or quadruple room please contact me for details. 

Schedule: Yoga Daily 8:30-9:30am Flow, 9:30-10:00am meditation , sunset flow 5:00-6:00pm.

Who can attend:  Anyone!  Bring your hunny or friend, mother, brother, whoever!  If your guest does not care to attend the yoga they don't have to!  Just enjoy an awesome Vacation in paradise!

*Note:  All classes are optional.  This is your vacation.  Make it your own!  Tons to do, massive and stunning resort.  We will have the option to eat and hang together or just do your own thing!  Message me for further details.  Hope to see you there!  Namaste!!


Please contact me via email or phone.

Phone: 612-296-6579

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