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Transformation 2018 - mind-shifting meditation, wellness, nutrition

  • Wise Wellness/Jai Healing Collective 4801 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, MN, 55419 United States (map)

What to expect
*Learn about shifting your vibration through food, thought and behavior.
*Learn skills to create new neural pathways and form new beliefs systems on a cellular level.
*Breath class to release old stagnant emotions/energy from your body. Release trauma from cellular memory.
*Manifest healing in your body.
*Learn sub-consciousness mind shifting techniques along with muscle testing.
*High vibe plant based lunch
*Oodles of education and life changing information.
*Raise your vibration instantly!

1st timers attend full class 11am-4pm.
Those who have attended previous event arrive at 1:15pm for registration and breath session at 1:30pm.

Transform 2018 Workshop - Super Amazing Subconscious mind shifting workshop. 11-4 with Nutrition, Mediation, Nutrients to uplift you on a cellular level. Led by Carrie Drinkwine, yoga teacher, coach, nutritionist, healer, Earth Goddess, Author. Seriously. Change starts now. With you. Energetically, subconsciously, Nutritionally. 

Expect movement, yoga, deep meaningful mind shifting mediation, discussion on vibration, how to raise your vibration instantly, sub-conscious mind shifting, theta-healing meditation and plant food medicine

Are you tired of making New Year’s resolutions and not keeping them? Repeating old behaviors? Find yourself feeling stagnant or stuck in your life or job?

Discover your vibrational frequency and how to increase it.
Release old stored emotion and raise the consciousness of your cells through breath work. 
Begin to implement a new Belief system on a cellular level.
Learn the tools to shift the sub-conscious mind, create new neural pathways and thought patterns to change old beliefs/behaviors. 
Lift your physical and emotional vibration through thought and food. Begin to attract the vibration you want in your life Increase energy, awareness and conscious thought.
Transform old though patterns into new positive beliefs about yourself. Begin to manifest the new you. Learn to drop in to your body, drop into ‘presence’ and really listen to what the body is saying versus the mind. 
Understand vibrations of food and how they affect your body.
Learn Your personal Human Design-live your highest life!

****Cost is only $59 but if you buy your ticket before January 21 type in Promo Code EARLYBIRD for an exclusive $9 off. Making your ticket a sweet $50 investment to yourself. A fresh organic vegan lunch will be provided:)

Here is your ticket link:

Hope to see you all January 28th! There is no better time than now
Peace, Love and fruit !

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Later Event: February 20
Yoga Retreat in Mexico