Four Desires


Four Desires

Dharma - purpose - not your job! What you bring with in everything you do. Macro dharma is what you can’t control. Micro - what you can control. Where do I fit in?

Artha - manifestation of Dharma. Learn your dharma

  • Learn your dharma + learn to love it

Kama - Joy or pleasure

Moksha - liberation or freedom. How free do you feel at any given moment to make choices. How many options do I have? This comes through meditation - Meditation creates spaciousness

2 different kinds of Sankalpa:

1.) Defined. measurable in the next 6-18 months attainable

2.) Quality you are trying to cultivate Ex: I feel self love everyday.ex (love)

I can

I will

I must…     

*You already have all the tools you need. Your just uncovering

I can meditate, I will meditate, I must meditate,

I can act with love, I will act with love, I must act with love!

Departure point. A departure point is something that pulls you away.  For example: social media.  Set a departure point and choose to have freedom.  For example limit yourself to one hour of social media then break at one hour and repeat your Sankalpa.

Past → Present → Future

Your past creates your future because you were not present. How much time do YOU actually spend in the now? If you are always caught up in your mind and in your story, you are not here an present… the thoughts and stories you are wrapped up in become your future because you are manifesting them on an energetic level.

  • You will begin a 40 day Sankalpa practice with mind mapping each day and journaling. You will coincide this with a yoga nidra practice.  This practice will  plant seeds in the subconscious mind and it works 100% of the time. 

Lets begin to BE the change we wish to see in our OWN lives! Only then will the world truly change. What we think, we attract. Focus on integrating your desires into your cellular beliefs!