Sauna and Soulful Sunday! May 26th


Sauna and Soulful Sunday! May 26th


Sunday May 26 10:30am-1pm

If you are in town this memorial weekend come treat yourself and help me break in my new office space!!

Come get your breath on and your sweat on!! 
Wise wellness is pairing up with Suana times to bring you a physical, emotional and magical detox Sunday!

We will begin with a steam sauna session and then finish with an empowering breath session led by myself and ending with some reiki energy and a light lunch! Immediately after the breath work there will be a free open house with snacks and prizes as we welcome my new office space! You are welcome to stay and hang out or take your magical unicorn energy and head home to rest!

Some fun facts about sauna and soul breathing:

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body Rid waist? The skin is known as the third kidney! Sauna’s are incredibly healing for the lymphatic system. We will chat about regenerative health as we sauna together !!

Soul breathing allows you to cleanse your physical and emotional body. Increases your vibration, created mental clarity, improves digestion, releases old cell memory and so much more ...

Fun fact; 70% of toxic waste is emitted through breath and the rest through skin, feces, and sweat! This is going to be a magical day to detox and cleanse your body and soul!

Do you to popular demand we are going to do two rounds of 10 people. 20 people total

Please bring wear a swimsuit under clothing, dry cloths to change into, towel, yoga mat, pillow, light blanket, water
Cost $65

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